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    Technical View:

    The S&P traded in a narrow range all week as we digested the first round of quarterly earnings and a stronger dollar which hit 7-month highs. We continue to hold key support at 2,120 and the 100-EMA at 2,135 although sentiment and internals continue to advocate caution. The 20-EMA has been resistance at 2,145 and we have a short-term trend resistance at 2,165 should we push higher. On a longer-term timeframe, we continue to consolidate above major resistance from 2015 and entering a seasonally strong period for stocks. However, Macro headwinds from potential rate hike in December to the November Presidential Election continue to weigh. Key support below for the week is 2,120, 2,100, and then 2,070 while resistance above is 2,145, 2,165, and then 2,175.


    The AAII Sentiment Survey for the week ending 10/19 showed a 1.7% drop in bullish sentiment to 23.7%, a 2.4% drop in neutral sentiment to 38.4%, and a 4.1% increase in bearish sentiment to 37.8%. Bullish responses remain far below the long-term average of 38.5% while neutral and bearish are 6-7 points above. The NAAIM Exposure Index fell to 63.7 this week, the lowest level since May. Equity fund flows for the week showed outflows of $3.4B from equities and inflows of $3.4B to taxable bonds. It was the third consecutive week of outflows from equities. The percentage of S&P 500 stocks trading above their 50-day MA rose to 34.6% while the percentage above their 200-MA rose to 70.06%. As of Friday’s close there were 77 new highs on the NYSE versus 25 new lows while the Nasdaq showed more even breadth at 57/47. The CBOE Equity P/C ratio closed at 0.56 and Index P/C ratio closed at 1.22. The NYSE Cumulative A/D remains near the yearly highs while Summation closed 134.92, falling for the 12th week in the last 13. The VIX:VXV ratio closed at 0.83.

  • Daily Freebies

    September 20th, 2016

    Mellanox Tech (MLNX) a name struggling since March but a trader opens 500 March 2017 $48/$34 bull risk reversals at $0.30 debit, and a name that has seen some unusual call buys and could make a nice M&A target.  The $2B company trades 10X Earnings, 2.6X Sales and 17.7X FCF with strong growth and impressive margins.

    Alexion Pharma (ALXN) buyer of 500 Jan. 2017 $100 deep ITM calls at $33.60, same spot with 1,500 recently bought, and similar action in deep ITM BioMarin (BMRN) Jan. 2017 calls, both rare disease plays

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    * Closed Skyworks (SWKS) Calls +63% in 7/27

    * Closed Braodcom (AVGO) Calendar Call Spread +62.79% on 7/26

    * Closed General Electric (GE) Puts +68% on 7/26

    * Closed Deere (DE) Put Spreads at +132% on 7/25/16

    * Closed Herbalife (HLF) Calls +148.55% on 7/15/16

    * Closed Charter (CHTR) Calls +134% on 7/8/16

    * Closed Mead Johnson (MJN) Call Spreads at +136% on 6/30/16

    * Closed Boeing (BA) Put Spreads at +100% on 6/27/16

    * Closed General Mills (GIS) Calls at +150% on 6/20/16

    * Closed CarMax (KMX) Puts +77.8% on 6/10

    * Closed Gold (GLD) Calls +72.2% on 6/9

    * Closed Conagra (CAG) Calls +80% on 6/8

    * Closed Constellation Brands (STZ) Call Spreads +83.3% on 6/8

    * Closed Union Pacific (UNP) Calls +74% on 6/8

    * Closed Celgene (CELG) Call Calendar Spreads +140.5% on 5/26

    * Closed Red Hat (RHT) Call Calendar Spreads at +51.6% on 5/25

    * Closed IBM Call Spreads at +77.59% on 5/10