My Rules for Who to Follow on Twitter

As of this writing I have 1,927 followers and follow 71, and I feel the higher that ratio the better.Around half of the 71 follows for me are somehow tied to the Oakland Raiders, Boston Bruins, Fantasy Baseball/Football, NFL/NH:, and Hunting/Fishing, but I thought I would provide my "technique" for finding worthy follows on Stock Twits.1) Less is More! – I do not mind the occasional jokes, or worthless info, but the less fluff the better when it comes to trading the market. I pull up my ST Desktop a few times an hour throughout the day and want to see something meaningful.2) Originality – I could care less about Apple, Google, Goldman, etc. chart as everyone is watching those charts, and good luck trading against the robots that are faster, smarter, and have more money. The way I find people that have clever and fresh ideas is often via searching stock symbols of names I come across and find interesting. I then check the stream, and if you were someone onto the name before me, I consider you a worthy follow.3) Lack of Show-Boating – I can be as cocky as the next guy, but if you made a great trade and want to tell everyone about it, sure go ahead, but if you do it more than once, well…then there is a problem4) Insight – I like to find people that specialize in a sector, whether it be Financial, Technology, or Commodities. I am someone that will trade any stock, any sector, any country, but also realize there are plenty of people that focus solely on an industry group that have much better insights than I do, or at least in a shorter amount of time and without having to do all the messy research5) Chart Mongers – I probably follow too many chartists because I honestly never actually look at the charts, but use it for idea generation and look at the chart myself. If my opinion lines up with that of the person providing the chart, it adds the extra bit of confidence….always a good thing to haveWith that said here are my StockTwitters I follow most closely (in no particular oder):News/Info: @MFFAIS, @BreakoutBeacon, @bloombergnow, @livevol_Pro @TradeHawk, @TradeIdeasChartists:@stt2318, @flare9x,@harryboxer, @TheMeatBaron, @Zortraders, @MonsterTrader, @TraderFlorida, @RaginCajun @DanZanger @sssc @gtotoyKnowledgeable Comments and Market Inight: @Xiphos_Trading, @biggercapital, @ukdaytrader, @rayjman, @CondorOptions, @agwarner, @attitrade @stevenplaceGreat Swing/Day Traders: @Legacy_Trades, @traderjaz, @SellPuts, @johnwelshphdIndustry Focused: @TMTanalyst, @adamfeurstein, @mikehuckmanI am sure I am leaving a bunch of great contributors off the list, and apologize in advance.The truth is I have never taken much time to find people to follow, so feel free to leave me recommendations, and the other reason is Entourage is coming on soon, so I need to get off the computer!