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Options Hawk Open Interest Report 2H 2015 - Available Now $99



Example of a 2015 Profled Co.

Report for 2H 2014 Open Interest Available for Free Viewing

Report from August OpEx 2013 Available for Free Viewing

Report from End of Q1 Available for Free Viewing

The OptionsHawk Open Interest Report is a detailed report on 45 stocks that have notable Institutional positions in Open Interest for July 2015 to January 2016 option expirations. The report is a must-own for anyone looking to know where the Smart Money is positioned in the market as we have have 7 months left to 2015 trading.  At the low price of $99 if you find just 1 trade idea in this report it will likely pay for the cost 25-fold, and all 50 stocks are actionable based on the analysis provided.

To order a copy use the Link at the Top of the Page ("Available Now").  Reports will be emailed after sign-up.  Please Make a Special Note when Purchasing if the Desired Email Address is Different than the PayPal Email Address.  No Registration Required!

What's Included?

• 45 Stocks with Large Institutional Smart Money Option Trades in Open Interest

• 1 Page Dedicated to Each Stock with Fundamental, Technical, Ownership Trends and Potential Catalyst Notes with a Chart

• Breakdown of the Large Trade with Strategy, Entry Price, Size and Dates

• See Prior Reports Available for Examples - This latest report was a collaborative effort with @WolfMetric


Please See the Link Above for the Prior OI Report as Examples!