Options Hunter Weekly

 The Options Hunter Weekly Newsletter is a 10+ page PDF emailed every Sunday night that is full of actionable trading ideas for the week ahead. The newsletter highlights the current state of the market on a technical analysis level, as well as a sentiment and fundamental based analysis. It also summarizes the past week of trading and provides a detailed schedule of events for the coming week. Furthermore, it provides multiple trading ideas for any type of options trader, looking at simple income strategies via covered calls and credit spreads, to more advanced strategies for trading upcoming events and mispriced volatility.


An Example of a Recent Issue is Options Hunter Weekly Newsletter 5-13-12

Recent Trades:


FactSet (FDS) Put Spread (6/10) +340%

Weight Watchers (WTW) Puts (4/22 Newsletter)


Cummins (CMI) Ratio Put Spread = 450% Gain (2/26/12 Newsletter)


Precision Castparts (PCP) Iron Condor Profit = Full Credit (2/12/12 Newsletter)

Ulta Salon (ULTA) Butterfly Spread for Earnings +227% (3/5/12 Newsletter)

Taleo (TLEO) Calls  +220% (2/5/12 Newsletter)


Whilrpool (WHR) Calls Gain 500%+

CoinStar (CSTR) Call Spread = 225% Gain (11/27/11 Newsletter)