What is Option Radar?

Options Radar is a tool that enables users to see unusual trading in the options market based off of an array of proprietary tools OptionsHawk uses to find unusual options activity in the market. Often time’s unusual options activity precedes large price movements in the underlying security, and provides a directional based bias of where a security will be heading. It is not fool proof, and requires years of experience in the options market to get a good read on what activity is significant, and analyzing the activity and how it will impact the security. Unusual options activity often occurs before larger events such as Analyst Meetings, Earnings, News Announcements, Upgrades/Downgrades, and M&A Activity, but can also be a tool to find excellent technical breakouts and breakdowns as many technicians see similar patterns and use the options market to best leverage assets to allow extraordinary returns


What makes OptionsHawk different from competitors?

OptionsHawk generally provides more actionable trading ideas daily than any other site in existence, as well as being a full service equity trading “hub”. The live chat feature allows you to trade side by side with me daily and receive content and trade ideas instantly. OptionsHawk also does not solely focus on large institutional trades in the options market, because history has shown me that certain unusual activity by retail traders in “under the radar” stocks provides even more value than your everyday activity on Apple, JP Morgan, General Electric, etc. I find opportunities out there that are unique, and provide in-depth analysis and color as to not only what is trading in the options market, but why it is trading, and how you can trade based on this information and analysis. I have many contacts in the market providing me with actionable news flow on stocks, before it hits the newswires and many other traders, allowing me to provide options activity analysis ahead of competitors. You also receive the best customer service of any product out there, as you can contact me directly throughout the day.


What is OptionsHawk?

OptionsHawk is evolving into a one stop shop for active equity and option traders that provides a wide array of market and individual stock analysis. While maintaining a focus on options trading, and monitoring unusual options activity to piggy-back on the trades of the “smart money”, OptionsHawk also goes in depth into everything a trader needs to trade daily in the markets. Technical analysis, complex option strategies, and original market insight are just some of the features provided on the site, and even a live chat environment during market hours where I provide live coverage of the markets and ample trading opportunities and set-ups