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Trading Hub Overview:  The Trading Hub is packed with actionable trading ideas every day as I highlight Technical Patterns, Market Moving News, Unusual and Institutional Options Flow, and more each day. Everything is tradable depending on each individuals trading style and risk profile. Throughout the day I will highlight trades in Blue Font as trades that are added to the Options Hawk Mock Portfolio, seen as my favorite picks. Spotlight Trades are sent via email, twice per week, and subject to the entry price noted in the report, so no need to post live in the chat, but take into account the “tape” when entering for the best entry points. Spotlight Trades will not always fill due to market gap opens, and stay as open orders for a week, unless targeting a specific catalyst that passes. Also, there are plenty of opportunities to “scalp” options intraday based on the flow analysis provided and it is impossible for me to list every trade each day, so the Portfolio is more for the swing trades. I suggest that members do not “blindly” follow all the trades and are selective, also willing to take trades not added to the portfolio. The traders that perform the best at Options Hawk utilize the information and analysis provided to make trades daily, using his/her current trading style to determine the trades that align with your trading views on a particular stock. Options Hawk should be seen more as an idea-generation platform than a trade recommendation service, and I provide all the insight needed to make better trading decisions, whether via the Market Blitz in the morning, or the daily note on key Technical break-out alerts, options flow, and fundamental analysis. Each trader must take responsibility for his/her trades and it is not possible for me to know each person’s reward/risk profiles, so I provide targets/stops based on my trading style, but this may differ with yours and it is important to take that into account when deciding to enter/exit trades taken. Please feel free to contribute to the Trading Hub with market related content as it is beneficial to the group, and I want to create the best platform for traders, and team-work is essential. The Options Hunter Weekly Newsletter is a separate entity and highlights 7+ trading ideas per week, but these are to be self-managed and are not updates with entry/exits.

Important: Do Not Copy and Share Content from the Member-Only Page.  I provide original content and spend a lot of time doing research, and passing along this information to others for free is a violation of your subscriber agreement and will result in termination without refund.  Keeping this content exclusive to members gives it much more value.

Video Discussing Product Features:

A few projects down the road that will take some time to implement include:
1) Dedicated pages for 500-1000 top optionable stocks with option statistics updating live, volume and OI graphics, and include any recent mentions of Options Action in the chat room, and any live/closed trades in the name.  This is going to take some time as I need to get certain licenses, exchange feeds, and an advanced programmer to put the full idea to work, but I have a great vision that should make this a very valuable source of info.
2) Trade Notebook – Allow MAX Members each to have his/her dedicated page to grab key notes/charts from the Live Trading Hub throughout the week for later reference.  I see it working sort of like Pinterest, but able to grab text notes as well, so each user has an easily accessible page of his/her favorite ideas throughout the week.
3) Custom Option Scans Accessible to Max Members – This is another project that will require some advanced programming work with exchange data.  I utilize a lot of scans and am always building new ones.  Some are as simple as an overlooked Put/Call and Call/Put Ratio, but weighted by $, while others will be more advanced such as searching for Skew differentials.
These are a few ideas I have for now and always feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have, as the goal is to make the site as feature-rich as possible, while also keeping a focus on the daily market coverage.

Trading Books:

Jeff Augen (“Trading Options at Expiration”, The Volatility Edge”, “Day Trading Options”)

McMillan (“Options as a Strategic Investment” – Top Starting Book)

Kahn (“Technical Analysis: Plain and Simple”)

Shannon (“Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes”)

Sinclair (“Options Trading: Pricing and Volatility Strategies and Techniques”, “Volatility Trading”)

DeMark (“DeMark on Day Trading Options”)

Schwager (“Market Wizards”)

Websites: A List of Options Related Websites and Educational Online Resources are on the OptionsHawk Website.

Daily Resources:

· ThinkorSwim Trading Platform:  Prophet Charts and TOS Charts for Technical Analysis, Analyze Function to Diagram Strategy P/L, etc., Multiple Watchlist Broken by Industry, Top Optionable Liquid Names, and Top 2,000 Stocks, Alerts.

· Google Reader for RSS Feeds: I use this for most of my news with the Business Wire PR Directly Fed Through Here, as Well as Useful Sites from Around the Net (WSJ, Business Week, FT, Barrons, DealBook, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, NY Post/Times, DigiTimes, Seattle Post, Houston Chronicle, Etc.).  The daily news/chatter is from my trading contacts passing information via AOL Instant Messages.  (TradetheNews, Briefing, Street Insider, Street Account, FlyontheWall are the most popular wire services, and in that order for best to worst, but I do not use any of those services)

· FinViz: Prefer to Use FinViz for Screening (Fundamental and Technical Screens) as Well as HeatMaps, and a ton of other resources offered on that site, a must-use in my opinion

· Custom Option Scans: The scans provided on the Member Page at the Bottom are a Key Resource in Finding Much of the Day’s Unusual Activity.  I also use the LiveVolPro program where I have set up many custom scans and also scan for trades coming through my watchlist. Bloomberg, if you have access, also has plenty of great functions to breakdown options activity.

· Twitter:  You can follow me on Twitter via @OptionsHawk ( https://twitter.com/#!/optionshawk) and also see who I am following.  There are many great traders and information providers, and anyone I am following is a good place to start.  I use TweetDeck which is handy and posts small notification messages in the corner of your screen along with audio alerts when there is a post.

· Analyzing, Portfolio Tracking, Strategy Screeners, Etc.: I use Optionistics.com for some of their resources, although usually just at night doing scans.  This site (http://www.avasaram.com/) also has some useful strategy screeners for free.  There are also some free Option Rankers here (http://www.optionetics.com/market/rankers/default.asp?freeRanker=yhhrankperc)

·  Street Events: Used for Earnings Dates, Conference Dates, Analyst Meetings, Conf. Calls, Etc.