Subscription Services

Institutional Quality Product for a Retail Price
Options Hawk MAX is an exclusive service and will only be open to 150 retail traders and 150 institutional traders, so that the trading opportunities have ample liquidity and are not crowded. The price of $300/month is cheap compared to alternatives and I offer more, and better, services than any other product on the market. Simply put, $15/trading day is a very small cost for the amount of information provided, and the $300 monthly cost is often recouped within the first day of trading. I provide the fastest, most thorough, and most accurate analysis of options action, and also have the fundamental and technical trading skills necessary to find the best trading opportunities.

This service is not just for options traders, as equity traders can easily enhance their trading results with the amount of information and the quality of analysis I provide. Also, this service is not for rookie traders, as I spend less time teaching, and more time analyzing/trading, although I am always available to answer any questions you may have.

Many services have recently come to market trying to replicateĀ Options Hawk, but the truth is that no matter how hard these services try to duplicate the concept of my product, none of them can compete with the quality of service I provide. I consider my best assets to be skill, determination, knowledge, experience, and hard work, and am always putting my clients’ needs ahead of my own.

I prepared a video detailing some of the features of the website/service:

Please contact me at with your name and email address if you have questions.

For details of that the Subscription includes, see the Plan Comparisons Page