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    Technical View:

    The S&P closed lower to finish the year with three consecutive days of losses, financials a notable laggard on Friday. The major indices all closed the year near the highs with the Dow outperforming up 13.4% while the S&P was up 9.5% and the Nasdaq up 7.5%. The S&P rallied strong in December after breaking out above 2,190 and didn’t close below the 8-MA until 12-22 when short-term momentum began to shift. We closed below the 20-MA on Friday at 2,250 and the 8/13 MA cross is resistance above at 2,260. The December highs are at 2,277.50. A re-test of the 12-7 breakout at 2,215/2,220 is likely short-term with 2,195/2,200 below from the August 2016 highs. On a longer time-frame, the large channel from the Brexit lows has resistance at 2,300 and support far lower at 2,135 which also aligns with the 200-MA. We remain in a bull market with the breakout of the 2015/2016 channel measuring out to 2,380.


    The latest AAII Sentiment Survey for the week ending 12/28 showed a rise in bullish sentiment by 1% to 45.6%, a 2.5% rise in neutral sentiment to 28.7%, and a fall of 3.4% in bearish sentiment to 25.7%. Bullish sentiment remains above the long-term average of 38.5%. The NAAIM Exposure Index remains near 52-week highs at 100.6. Fund flows for the week showed an inflow of $11.8B into equities and a small outflow from taxable bonds of $775M. It was the second week of inflows into equities in December. As of Friday’s close, the NYSE saw 60 new 52-week highs versus 16 new lows, the Nasdaq more even breadth at 62/45. The percentage of S&P 500 stocks trading above their 50-day MA was 66.8% while the percentage above their 200-MA fell to 64.20%.  The CBOE Equity P/C ratio closed at 0.76, the high-end of the recent range and Index P/C ratio closed at 1.15. The NYSE Cumulative A/D closed near 2016 highs. Summation fell marginally to 462.54 after rising for six consecutive weeks. NYMO closed at -8.89.

  • Daily Freebies

    January 13, 2017

    Owens Corning (OC) trading 2,067 calls in the opening 30 minutes, 10X average after 1,000 May $55 calls bought yesterday, and seeing those trade over 800X this morning as well as the 750 Jan $55 calls for $0.25 opened, storng building material spending seen in the retail sales report.

    Acorda Therapeutics (ACOR) aggressive buy of 1,500 February $27 far OTM calls $1.60 at the PHLX, a name popular with opening put sales since October lows. The $943M biotech trades 30.14X earnings, 1.85X sales, and 7.3X cash with 20-30% EPS growth expected over the next five years. The company will release Phase 3 data for CVT-301 for the treatment of OFF episodes of Parkinson’s disease sometime in Q1 and expectations for an NDA shortly after. Institutional ownership rose last quarter, Baker Bros. a notable holder with 3.5M shares and short interest in the name is over 13% but falling in 2016 from over 25%. On the chart, shares are forming a bottoming pattern under $22 and a series of higher lows from the November sell off. Shares have been in a downtrend since December 2015 when shares traded as high as $42.50.

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  • Recent Highlights


    * Closed Skyworks (SWKS) Calls +63% in 7/27

    * Closed Braodcom (AVGO) Calendar Call Spread +62.79% on 7/26

    * Closed General Electric (GE) Puts +68% on 7/26

    * Closed Deere (DE) Put Spreads at +132% on 7/25/16

    * Closed Herbalife (HLF) Calls +148.55% on 7/15/16

    * Closed Charter (CHTR) Calls +134% on 7/8/16

    * Closed Mead Johnson (MJN) Call Spreads at +136% on 6/30/16

    * Closed Boeing (BA) Put Spreads at +100% on 6/27/16

    * Closed General Mills (GIS) Calls at +150% on 6/20/16

    * Closed CarMax (KMX) Puts +77.8% on 6/10

    * Closed Gold (GLD) Calls +72.2% on 6/9

    * Closed Conagra (CAG) Calls +80% on 6/8

    * Closed Constellation Brands (STZ) Call Spreads +83.3% on 6/8

    * Closed Union Pacific (UNP) Calls +74% on 6/8

    * Closed Celgene (CELG) Call Calendar Spreads +140.5% on 5/26

    * Closed Red Hat (RHT) Call Calendar Spreads at +51.6% on 5/25

    * Closed IBM Call Spreads at +77.59% on 5/10